Re: “Separation of Church and State: A War on Christmas and Other Misguided Notions” Melanie Springer Mock

Melanie Mock’s audience in her article is the American people. She appeals to this audience with heavy doses of pathos. She uses pathos to appeal to a person’s spirit of the holidays. In the beginning, she describes Christmas and all its excitement, then goes to a deeper thought of why do we even do such things (almost as if it’s faithless), appealing to feelings of excitement then guilt. The guilt Mock institutes is caused by common religious practice, and anyone who feels guilt in their religion provides a momentous emotional response, especially by a majority (in this case, Christianity). She also presents harsher diction with words such as “war,” “destroy,” and “crusades.” These present feelings of fear to maintain attention of the audience. Fear is also found in the consequences of church combined with state. The argument is effective. However, her argument shows signs of weakness with a lack of logos throughout the article. She does not present any polls, outside input, or statistic to back up her statements. Nevertheless, her argument has a strong effect on the people’s emotions giving her power behind her words. If you do your homework, her ethos is established with a PhD, and a book history that gives her a degree of experience. After reading Melanie Mock’s article, your emotion overwhelms the lack of numbers.


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